About the Bread

Ray Aramini

Riding through Nebraska

A letter from Ray about one of Bike For Bread’s donation recipients:

The Covenant Soup Kitchen

The Covenant Soup Kitchen is far more than giving a hand out; it is  giving a hand-up. It is a family and a support system for people who have nobody else. It is indeed, a community and is vastly more than just a meal. I have seen these stories first hand and as a result, am moved  to do more to facilitate this “hand up”. You and I know where our next meal will be coming from, but for many of the people of Northeastern Connecticut, this is not the case. Hunger comes in many different forms; people hunger for attention, love, acceptance, and yes, food too. At the Covenant Soup Kitchen, all of these are provided daily.

As a result of state and federal cut-backs, the unmet needs of the poor are expanding quickly. The Kitchen is looking to physically expand, almost doubling in size, in order to accommodate the ever growing needs in this community. The Kitchen, in many ways, serves as the shoulders of this community; these “shoulders” need strengthening.

With your support and generosity, the goals of Bike for Bread and the needs of Northeastern Connecticut’s poor can be reached.

Ray Aramini


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